Where oh where has that paper from 6 months ago gone?

Keeping up with paper work and filing is often a daunting task for teachers. It’s kind of like trying to organize a never ending flow of water… just impossible. We were given sticker picture sheets of our students in the beginning of the year. We were told to put one of  the sheets on the front of each students’ cumulative folder and to “hold onto” the rest. Well, 6 months later we were asked to go deep sea diving and find another one of the sticker sheets for a school mural project. As soon as we heard this, S was concerned, as were the rest of us. “Where did I put those? In a binder, a filing cabinet, a folder, the trash?” At recess S thought out loud about where she might have put those top secret documents. “Aha, I have a folder labeled cumes!” S said triumphantly. She had the map to the buried treasure! However, what her folder actually said was “cums”. So friends, make sure your folders are labeled properly… wouldn’t want to cause any cumfusion.


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